Being popular may not always be that important but it sure helps when you are aiming at getting a job promotion. One surefire way to get there is this:

Less criticism and more sympathy.

Simple enough, isn’t it? But are you acting that way? 😉

It’s so easy to criticize others. That’s probably why it happens so often…

But showing true sympathy is much more difficult. Yet when you develop that skill (yes it’s a skill) you will stand out from your criticizing colleagues and before you know it you will hit #1 on the invisible popularity board.

The reason is simple: Criticism is like an open attack against others, especially when you do it in front of a group. The person concerned will remember it for eternity and you are going to have a hard time regaining their trust.

Sympathy however will put you in a position where your colleagues will support you in your efforts because they feel understood by you. And as a side effect you are already developing some leadership skills!

If your next goal is to get that JOB PROMOTION, show some sympathy and join my FREE COURSE here.